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Welcome to this blog owned by Melizi Azzeddine, 25 years old, a university student in the field of international economics.The goal of this blog is to help people, whether man or woman, get over their ex and live a life free of heartache.The reason behind me creating this blog is that despite my young age, I had gone through a previous bitter experience and was able to overcome this ordeal, and that is why I decided to help people through my humble experience.Note: I am writing these articles with the help of artificial intelligence in order to give a professional article, but the idea is my ownYou may find in some articles links to products or courses. These are affiliate marketing links. When you click on them and purchase, I earn a small commission, but without paying an additional amount, you only pay the price of the real product, and I earn a small commission. This helps me continue writing content for you.

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